AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) program used for 2D and 3D design and drafting. AutoCAD is important for engineers to produce 2D and 3D designs. This field demands high creativity level. Civil engineers, Architectures, Interior designers as well as mechanical engineers use this software to produce engaging piece of work. It improves productivity level.

Increase in the productivity of the designer, Improving the quality, Creating documentation, 3D modelling, Speed, Saving of design data and drawings, Storage and accessibility are some of the benefits of the AutoCAD.


  • Introduction to AutoCAD
    Screen layout, Working with commands, Opening an existing drawing file, Saving your work, AutoCAD’s Cartesian Workspace
  • Basic drawing & editing commands
    Lines, Erasing objects, Drawing lines with Polar Tracking, Rectangles, Circles, Undo and Redo actions
  • Drawing Precision in AutoCAD
    Object snap and Overrides, Polar tracking, Object Snap tracking, Drawing with Snap and Grid
  • Making changes in drawing
    Selecting objects for editing, Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Mirror
  • Organizing drawings with Layers
    Layers, Layer state, Changing an object’s layer
  • Advanced object types
    Arcs, Polylines, Polygons, Ellipse
  • Getting information from drawing
    Measuring objects, Working with properties
  • Advanced editing commands
    Trimming and Extending, Stretch, Fillets and Chamfers, Offset, Creating arrays
  • Inserting blocks
    Blocks, From Tool Palettes and Insert menu
  • Printing drawing
    Printing layout and check plot
  • Text and Hatching
    Adding text, Modifying and Formatting Multiline text, Hatching
  • Adding Dimension
    Linear, Radial and Angular dimensions, Editing dimensions
  • Annotation styles
    Text style, Dimension style, Multileader style
  • AutoCAD 3D
    Introduction to 3D modelling workspace, Basic 3D viewing tools, 3D navigation tools, Introduction to User Coordinate System (UCS)
  • Simple Solids
    Solid Primitives
  • Creating Solids & Surfaces from 2D objects
    Complex 3D geometry, Extrude, Sweep, Revolve, Loft
  • Advanced Solid Editing
    Editing components of solids, Editing faces of solids, Fillets and Chamfers on solids